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The Original M1 Buddy


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THE ORIGINAL M1 BUDDY  is designed as an aid to cleaning your M1 and M1A/M14 rifles. There is no fear of M1 thumb when using your M1 Buddy. Inserted into the receiver, and held in place by the forward pressure of the M1 or M1A/M14 bolt, THE ORIGINAL M1 BUDDY will allow easy use of your chamber brush and will help keep brush spray out of the action. The Original M1 Buddy will work in all Garand rifles, USGI, commercial or foreign manufacture of all calibers. MANUFACTURED IN THE HEARTLAND OF THE USA!SHIPS WITH ONE RATCHETING CHAMBER BRUSH. 30-06 IS THE DEFAULT BRUSH. FOR .308 BRUSH, MAKE A NOTE DURING CHECKOUT.

Note:The M1 Buddy may not be compatible with some  M1A’s having scope rails*.

*Customers who had conflicts with their M1A  scope mount have indicated that a brief one minute adjustment with a Dremel or small file rectified any issue they experienced, and did not affect the function of the M1 Buddy.

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