Burnet, TX

TK Products is a small manufacturing firm in Burnet,TX. It was originally incorporated by my wife and I in January 2009 in Fort Wayne, IN.

I am no stranger to the shooting sports. I have been a highpower rifle competitor for almost 2 decades now, holding a “Master” classification on NRA “accross the course” and “long range” shooting. I also compete in USPSA sanctioned IPSC style pistol shooting. Unlike highpower, I am what I shall call, less accomplished, but I still have fun!

I have always been looking for inovative products for the shooter, and the M1 Buddy fits that description. We think that your first use will have you hooked forever.

We have also been avid supporters of the 2nd amendment and guns rights for all. We urge all shooters to get involved! It is very easy. Sometimes you wonder if your voice really counts, but it honestly can make a difference.

Burnet, TX